February 2014
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The Head Start Program

Now that I have discussed the internship process, I am going to tell you guys about my first two days at my new internship for my final semester! My internship is at the Head Start Program. Here is a description of the program:

“Head Start is a federal program that promotes the school readiness of children
ages birth to 5 from low-income families by enhancing their cognitive, social
and emotional development. Head Start programs provide comprehensive services to
enrolled children and their families, which include health, nutrition, social
services and other services determined to be necessary by family needs
assessments, in addition to education and cognitive development services”


I am in the Early Head Start Program, which ranges from birth to 2 years old. I am lucky enough to be with the 2 year olds and it has already been a blast! They are too CUTE! For the most part, I am just working in the classroom from 8-11:30am on Monday and Wednesday mornings. For 2 year olds, it is mainly playing with them and teaching them things while they play. For example, if they are stacking blocks, we ask them how many there are and what color. Social skills are another important lesson we must show them during play time. They need to know how to share, use manners, and interact with their peers.

I am going to try to sit in on behavioral meetings and counseling sessions as well, but for now, I am enjoying the classroom setting! My favorite part is when we sing and dance with them. They try so hard to sing along and do their best dance moves, and it is so fun to watch! I know I will always be in a good mood Monday and Wednesday mornings, because the little kiddos make me very happy :) I look forward to the rest of the semester because of my great internship!


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