February 2014
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The Best Things for Dorm Rooms

Hey there!

My dorm room has truly become a second home to me, and I think it’s due to the personal touches I’ve made.

I found a company that prints huge posters at $3 a piece. I went and searched through the internet and found awesome pictures of my favourite bands and hung them over my wall. I also sent about a hundred photos to Walgreens and had them printed at $0.12 a piece. There’s barely any white space on my walls now; they’re completely coated in posters and pictures.

I also invested in a kettle and a blender. The kettle has been a life saver. In the mornings, I flick it on first thing so that I can take hot chocolate or apple cider to class with me, and in the evenings, I like to drink chai tea. I also have instant coffee, which is delicious to me, since I was reared on it. The smoothie maker I mainly use for breakfast and late afternoon snacks. I absolutely detest all breakfast foods and even the mere idea of eating food when I’ve just woken up, but I keep fresh and frozen fruit in my room and yogurt in the fridge. A banana and vanilla yogurt blended together make a delicious smoothie, and it takes less than a minute.

My mum told me I had too many blankets when I moved in. I had the queen-sized comforter I’ve had since I was eight, and another double-sized comforter I had, long story short, received for free over summer. I had a Yellowstone blanket and a microplush blanket that was incredibly soft. However, I haven’t regretted any of these blankets. I use the Yellowstone one as a rug, which differentiates the room and makes it more ‘homey.’ And near the end of last semester, my friend had the superb idea of creating a book nook. I cleared some space under my bed and put down my extra comforter, so now I have a place to sit and read that’s kind of removed. For some reason, I find it more exciting to study in a new place, so I’ve used it a lot.

Other good investments I made were ramen and speakers. Ramen is the staple of college life—you can get twelve packets for $2.12. With my kettle, I can make ramen at any hour of the day, and it’s wonderful for when the pub’s closed or when I’m just too lazy to walk over to Glar. I also invested in a small pair of speakers, so I can have music playing around my room. This makes me happy, since I work better with music.


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