February 2014
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When You Get Along With Your Roommate

There are some roommate horror stories out there. I’m sure everyone has heard a few, or a dozen. Luckily, there are roommate pairings on the other side of the compatibility spectrum, and I’ve had the good fortune to be able to say that my roommate and I are really good friends.

Our sleeping habits are pretty close, at least when it comes to the time we like to go to bed. We both enjoy similar TV shows, such as “How I Met Your Mother,” “Sherlock,” and “Supernatural.” We’re both English majors, so we can discuss professors. And yet, our interests are different. She’s in the service fraternity and enjoys helping people while I spend the bulk of my time at track. She’s a wonderfully sympathetic person that tries to stay in contact with everyone she cares about while I prefer not dealing with any touchy-feely emotions and am content talking to some friends once a month.

This makes us compatible for each other, especially since we enjoy each other’s company and both like to maintain the peace and compromise. It’s a good, functioning system and friendship that I’m going to miss since we’ll no longer be rooming together after this year and will have to content ourselves with Skype (probably across campus) and planning time to hang out instead of just having someone to bounce thoughts off all the time.

I honestly never thought I’d end up having such a close friendship with any of my roommates, but I’m really glad I have this one, and I know it’ll be extremely weird in the coming years to not having her sitting on her bed ten feet from me.

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