February 2014
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Spring Break past adventures

As spring break comes around the corner, I keep thinking about my amazing trip last year to the Dominican Republic. This trip was organized by the school and was technically considered a “Jan-Term”, but we went in March. A group of students who have taken over three courses of ASL were able to travel down to the Dominican Republic and teach students science lessons!

We stayed in Santo Domingo in a gorgeous hotel! Luckily, we were able to travel around the city. One of the girls on the trip, Sydney, went on a run with me and we got lost. Very lost. Basically, we ended up running a half marathon trying to find our way back! Which was exhausting! But in the end we got to explore the city:)

First off, let me say how AMAZING this experience was. We taught kids from 4-24 of age and no matter how old they were, they were all so appreciative. They loved to learn. They wanted to continue learning. Since they do not  have the best resources down there, we were all happy to help:) It breaks my heart that they are not given the same opportunities as me, but their spirits are so high and it amazed me.

We went to four different schools, so we meet a variety of students! But they were all so friendly! And they all wanted pictures with us! It was adorable! One girl made me bracelets, which was so sweet.

Overall, it was a great experience. We got to change the lives of young students. Explore a new city. Make new friends. Eat the best food. Enjoy the beach. So, thank you McDaniel:)


Here is a picture of one of the students at Santa Rosa!:)

Santa Rosa-cute!

Until next time,

Maria Brew

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