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Helping out at Special Olympics

One of the many reasons I love McDaniel is because of all the events they put on. These events range from movies to volunteer work you can help at. This past weekend I got the pleasure of helping out at the Special Olympics.

McDaniel hosted the a basketball tournament, which were the qualification matches, for Special Olympics. The teams that won were able to move onto the Maryland State Special Olympics.

When I arrived at the gym early on Saturday morning I was not sure what to expect. Shortly after helping set up teams started to arrive. I got paired up with a team that was on the lower spectrum. I was very excited yet nervous to help out. The coach of the team was very welcoming and showed me how I could help and told me just to have fun with the team and shoot some hoops with them to warm up. Once the game got started I was on the side-line with the team and helped encourage the team to do their best.

Although my team was not very good I still had a great time. Seeing how excited and happy the players got when they scored a basket made it completely worth wild. Unfortunately I was not able to stay for the teams second game but I still really enjoyed helping when I could.

The Special Olympics is a wonderful way to get involved in your community and help others out. McDaniel also puts on events such as Rely for Life, The Terror Trot (which we run a 5k to raise money for cancer), and other volunteer opportunities.

McDaniel truly does a wonderful job at making these volunteer options available to everyone and encourages the students to get involved as much as possible.

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