My Favorite Places to Study

For the most part, I do homework in my room. Everything I need is there, so there’s no chance I’ll forget anything, and I can sit on my bed, spread my stuff out, and work.

The only problem is that if I don’t need internet for my homework, I usually end up on Tumblr without getting anything done, or I just want to watch Supernatural. I’m usually good at getting work done, anyway, but not always.

So sometimes I’ll go to the Hill Hall computer lab, which is a place I associate with doing work thanks to having classes there.

I might also go to the library, claim a table, and spread my stuff out, especially if I might have to go grab more books.

Recently, I spend some time studying on the pole vault pit, which is a comfortable place that I’ve been missing since the weather hasn’t cooperated for me to vault outside more than once in the last few months. It’s far enough from the main campus that the wifi doesn’t work, so I won’t be able to surf the internet.

Some people study in classrooms and one of my friends prefers to lay on the ground when she studies. Everyone has their own little spaces. These are just some of mine.

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