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Last-Minute Memories

Over the years, in college and even high school, I’ve found that school years don’t end until they end, and some of the most memorable moments wait until the last minute to happen.

Yesterday (Friday), was the last day of classes for everyone (except for people like me, who only have classes on Mondays through Thursdays this semester) before finals week, so the school year is definitely wrapping up–faster than I’d like it to.

I had my last day of tutoring at the writing center for the school year along with my Friday morning coworker Michelle. I hadn’t known Michelle very well before this year, but we had a lot of fun working on Friday mornings throughout this semester making crafts, like paper cranes and our fabulous giant cardboard robot–since students don’t always sign up for tutoring appointments on Friday at 10 a.m.

Michelle and I both did not have appointments yesterday, so we spent our hour doing writing center odds and ends and reminiscing about our shifts together. Before going to a meeting, our boss, Josh, asked us to bring the giant robot back from by the stairwell to inside the writing center, so we did, but not without having fun doing so. I decided it would be funny to set the robot back up so that he was sitting on the writing center’s sofa. Everyone who got to see it, including Josh, was amused.

photo (9) (800x600)

Michelle and I got to do a lot of fun things for the writing center over the past semester. I’ll miss getting to work with her!

I spent my Friday afternoon working on homework (and getting some rest after completing two major papers) before going to Dangersauce in the evening. Dangersauce is McDaniel’s improv comedy troupe, and for the most part, they’re hilarious. Last night’s show was their final show of the year, which was sad because it was the final show of two very funny and talented senior women. I was really impressed by the audience turnout–there had to have been at least 60 or 70 people there, about three times as many audience members as there normally are.

Overall, I had a fun Friday, and in spite of everything I need to accomplish before next weekend, I hope to continue to have fun as I finish up my junior year!

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